What is sound-arts and voice-arts therapy?

Sound-arts and voice-arts sessions are participative activities that use sound or voice as a therapeutic art-form. Clients may work on a beautiful piece of sonic art for a project, workshop or performance or they may create a lovely tone-poem or voicescape together. A sound/voice-arts therapist facilitates the session with a particular set of therapeutic and/or educational outcomes in mind. The group could be developing communication skills or improving mood state or memory, reducing anxiety or promoting relaxation for example. As the arts-based activities are participative it is the participation in the activity and the type of activity that helps people to alleviate their symptoms.

Where can I work with this approach?

You can work in education, special education, arts and drama, art therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy and creative counselling, and with creative community projects and performances. This work doesn’t have to be for therapeutic or educational reasons. In an increasingly busy society we can all benefit from the joy of creative expression just for the heaven of it!

Which courses use an arts approach?

Professional Diploma in Group Sound & Voice Arts Therapy Dip. SAVAT (BAST)

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Read more about the therapeutic benefits of the arts for health and wellbeing here (access is required)
Cooper. L (2022) Therapeutic soundscapes – improving health and wellbeing with sonic art. Perspectives in Public Health V 142, issue 6

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