January 17, 2024

AutoFocus – A Collaboration with Canon

We are excited to reveal our latest music collaboration with Canon, AutoFocus. Our director Lyz Cooper and Jimmy Day, of music production collective, LOYAL. Has created the ultimate “focus” album to listen to while working or studying on behalf of Canon. The album featured 7 tracks, each specially composed by Lyz for creativity and productivity. Overall this creates an album 40 minutes long in order to encourage listeners to enter a trance of concentration.

Each piece has been written intentionally based on our research and findings at BAST. Our research shows that higher frequencies and warmer chord progressions should be used in music to help with focus, without getting in the way of any creative process.

The BPM (beats per minute) for the album was chosen to encourage a music journey of preparation, inspiration, focus, pause, and wind down.

This album is the result of commissioned research by Canon, to launch its Light & Speaker ML-A. They surveyed 2,000 working or studying adults, on their music habits whilst trying to concentrate – the research found that 6 out of 10 people listen to music while doing their job or schoolwork at home. 47% of those surveyed said that they listened to music to help them concentrate – needing just six minutes of melodies to fall into a good level of concentration.

The same study also found that 48% of people are distracted by the typical office chatter such as people’s conversations and 46% found it easier to block out these distractions in order to boost productivity when listening to music.

Our research here at BAST shows that when people enter a relaxed state, insights and inspirations can surface, people also can use this state to release of stress and tension mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Lyz said: “This helps the creative process to flow more freely, and prevents brain fatigue. Every 90 minutes or so, it is recommended that the “Pause” track is used to guide people into a relaxed state.

“The piece begins in a more rhythmic way, and then gives way to relaxing drone sounds with long, low tones, and drifting soundscapes.

“After seven minutes or so, the music begins to become more rhythmic, which helps people to come back to a more awake state, ready to continue refreshed and relaxed.”

You can listen to the new album on Spotify here.

This project comes at a super exciting time for us and for Lyz who will be launching her own music app, Lifesonics in the early months 2024.


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