January 16, 2020

6 ways to beat January blues with therapeutic sound & music

It’s half-way through January, the tinsel has been packed away and the bubble and sparkle of the New Year is ebbing away. As the long grey days of winter set in, what do we do to help banish those winter blues? It’s actually a lot easier than you think.

Due to the way we have evolved to respond to sound, music and sound therapy are really quick and effective at boosting your mood state. Research undertaken by us at The British Academy of Sound Therapy for Deezer asked 7591 people if they felt music played an important part in their health and wellbeing. 89% said ‘yes’ and a massive 82% of those said they used music to improve their mood. On average it took 9 minutes for people to feel the benefit of the happy music.

1) Create a happy playlist

It’s not surprising that many people choose music with great ‘happy lyrics’ – ‘Happy’ by Pharell came no.1 as the most well used happy track in our latest research.

2) Choose tracks with great ‘Happy’ lyrics

Choose tracks that have an upbeat tempo, high pitches, soaring and rising sounds. Some great feel-good tracks include:

Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

Can you Feel It – The Jacksons

Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake

Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

3) Consciously Designed Music

If you want a piece of Consciously Designed Music (that is, music specifically created to boost moodstate) then try ‘Solis’ by Lyz Cooper. This track is both relaxing and uplifting so if you don’t want a toe tapping tune then this is perfect.

4) The Tracks of your Life

Choose tracks and create a playlist of songs that remind you of happy times in your life.

5) The Tracks of Your Tears

When feeling down sometimes a happy tune just won’t cut it. It may be better for you to process and release the sadness. Referring again to the Deezer research, 47% of people used music to help process and release sadness by playing songs with meaningful lyrics or a sad and melancholic feeling. Allow yourself a few tracks worth of release and then get back into the happy stuff!

6) Sounds Good

Music is basically sound organised into pretty patterns which we love but sound therapy, being the roots of music, can be just as effective as boosting moodstate. Our research has shown that a soundbath or gongbath can improve moodstate significantly.

So beat those blues, plug in and put a spring in your step today!


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