Professional Training in Sound Therapy – An Introduction

Just like life, delivering good quality professional sound therapy training courses is a balancing act. These days, many of us lead busy lives with a lot of demands being made on our time. At BAST we have developed a ‘blended learning’ programme, combining in-class and online study via the BAST learning portal to create a winning formula that enables you to receive a high quality course with minimum in-class time. We are invested in giving people the tools to build a healthy business and make a difference to the health and well-being of others in a safe and professional way.

For those who attendance is not possible, we offer a distance learning option where you can study fully from home.

Whether you are a qualified therapist, teacher, community health-worker, music therapist or are brand new to sound therapy, we are confident that we will have a course to suit your needs. Our courses have a high content of experiential and practical exercises and no previous experience is necessary. The latest research provides a firm foundation for your healthy sound business and adds depth to the journey of discovery that unfolds as you go through your chosen course.

You are able to choose your own pathway through our courses, by combining courses together, you can achieve higher levels of qualification and find modules that suit you.

All of our face to face UK courses are taught at the University of Chichester, Bognor Regis Campus. We can help you arrange transport, accommodation or give directions if needed. Unless you choose a distance learning pathway, you will be required to attend the university for the in-class sessions.

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In-class training + online learning + homestudy

Practical elements of sound-work can be explored during in-class hands on training Explore techniques more deeply at home in your own time Our Learning Zone provides a range of materials to engage with and enable you to deepen your learning including interactive quizzes, videos, articles, research, podcasts and recordings. Case study sessions enable you to research and develop the techniques and build your business whilst being supported by us.

Graduates of our courses can become BAST members for life which provides access to research and business opportunities as well as discounts on further training and products. We are committed to raising awareness of the benefits of therapeutic sound and music therapy worldwide. As we continue to do this, we provide opportunities for our members to get involved in ongoing projects such as events, conferences, research and/or community arts projects.

We currently have qualified members working in the following areas of the community:

  • Integrative and complementary healthcare
  • Pre/post-natal and child care
  • Mental health
  • Parkinsons, ME, MS, Dementia and Cancer care
  • Nursing homes, hospices and hospitals
  • Education, including special educational needs (mild to profound and multiple needs)
  • Personal development, spiritual and holistic centres

Qualifications At BAST – Choose Your Pathway

We’ve been told by our students that our love for creating vibrant and positive learning spaces shines through and for this reason a large percentage of students take additional courses with us. In the past all of the qualifications have been separate but now you will have the opportunity to gain higher qualifications whilst expanding your knowledge-base and skill-set. As well as being awarded with a higher qualification, taking more than one course together in one pathway may also save you time and money.

  • Gain higher qualifications
  • Create a bespoke learning pathway
  • Get extra content
  • Take less time
  • Benefit from discounted fees

Tuning Fork Therapy (Practitioner Level Diploma)

Learning Options
  • Blended Learning

We are delighted to be offering this course as a Practitioner Level Training in its own right for the first time! Although we have been teaching this method for many years, in the past it has been only as a Continuing Professional Development Course for the Sound Therapy Course.

Higher Diploma

By taking 2 Group courses or by adding 1 Group Course onto a Practitioner Level Diploma Course) you can achieve a Higher Diploma.

Advanced Diploma

Take 3 or more Group courses or add 2 Group Courses to a Practitioner Level Diploma) to achieve a Higher Diploma.

Advanced Practitioner Level Diploma

This is one of the highest available qualifications in therapeutic sound at this time. Take both the Holistic Voice Therapy and Sound Therapy Practitioner Level Diplomas and receive the award of Advanced Practitioner.