September 21, 2023

Crystal Pyramids – New Instrument

New for 2024, BAST are delighted to now be offering crystal pyramids as an instrument option in our courses.

The beautiful crystal pyramids have a unique sound signature which combines the purity of the crystal bowl sound with rich harmonics.  This makes these instruments very different and yet really complementary to both crystal bowls as well as voice, Himalayan bowls, monochord and gong. 

At BAST we spend many years researching and developing the use of a new instrument in a therapeutic setting before adding it to our professional training courses. A minimum of 3 crystal pyramids are hung on a frame and struck gently in different places, producing a variety of harmonically rich sounds. At different points in the session, the Pyramids are also gently spun, creating an oscillation to the sound which is trance-inducing, leading the client into an altered state of consciousness.  After 20 – 30 minutes, the practitioner can transition to another instrument, or crystal pyramids can be used as a stand-alone treatment with the practitioner playing for up to 40 minutes.  

The crystal pyramids are beneficial for:

Deep relaxation

Reducing stress and anxiety

Helping with pain and tension

Allowing for a deep altered state where insights and inspiration into a current issue may be revealed

Helping to improve mood state

As far as we know, this is the first qualification in sound therapy that incorporates the crystal pyramids.  To work with crystal pyramids , join the Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy and choose Crystal Pyramids as one of the 3 instruments that you’d like to major in.


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