April 1, 2018

Bring Sound Relaxation Into Your Home Using A Smart Home Device

Smart devices are not only there to tell you the weather, what the traffic is doing etc they can be used to create wonderful health-boosting ‘sonic atmospheres’ at home.

Using sound therapy as a method of relaxation has helped people with a wide range of conditions including anxiety, depression, stress and pain. Anyone that has tried massaging their own tense neck and shoulders or googled to find out more about a certain condition will agree that there is no substitute for professional 1-2-1 therapy but it can sometimes be difficult to get out to a regular sound therapy session especially with our increasingly busy lives. So how can you bring sound therapy into your home?

Many people choose an accessible and cheaper smart device, such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home – choose something that you love that suits your room and needs. It is not only what your sound system looks like, but what you play that matters. Our research shows that our method of therapeutic sound can help you sleep better, feel more calm, and reduce pain and anxiety amongst other things.

Our Founder, Lyz Cooper says: “Music can have a direct psychological effect on our minds, bodies and emotions. White ambient natural sounds such as lapping waves, wind rustling through leaves and rain can also be conducive to relaxation.”

We recommend listening to specifically designed sound bathing tracks for ultimate relaxation. The award winning track “Weightless” (written a collaboration with Marconi Union) is still being voted the most relaxing track ever after many years of success. Try listening to this on your home device and see how you feel.

You can also listen to other consciously designed tracks which Lyz has written. They are available completely free of charge on Spotify, or they can be purchased on iTunes. Each track written by Lyz targets a different ailment. Solis for example is written for pure relaxation whereas Somnus V and Somnus X are written to ease you into a better nights sleep. Music can also help with concentration, for this, try IO or Echo.

Music doesn’t have to be all about relaxation however. Research shows that music can affect other senses such as taste.

For example the music you play over a meal can help to enhance the flavour of food. Lyz says: “High twinkly, sparkly sounds can help to enhance sweet flavours. Rich, warm, exotic music enhances the taste of spicy food” – its all about the synaethesic ability we have to relate sound to taste, shape and colour. You can read more about how sound enhances taste over on our previous blog.

If you are interested in learning more about using sound to improve health and wellbeing you can join us on one of our sound therapy courses or try this free online course as an introduction to our method.


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