November 5, 2020

What’s New At BAST for 2021

Introducing the 2021 prospectus, a new course and our big announcement…online courses!

Those of you on our mailing list will already have received our 2021 prospectus and we’re excited to be sharing it to the public!

New Distance Learning Courses

The COVID-19 pandemic presented us with a massive learning curve this year – how could we continue to deliver high quality training with integrity at a distance? We rose to the challenge and delivered our classes online and face to face. We were so impressed with what we were able to deliver and the depth of learning our students achieved that we’ve changed the format of our courses next year.
For 2021, we have introduced a distance learning option for all our courses. This is great for students overseas, unable to travel or who feel safer at home.

Our virtual classroom sessions enable us to deliver more research, giving students more information about how and why therapeutic sound can be so effective. Videos and online tutorials enable you to practice in your own time with support from the tutor team which has now grown in size.

All of our courses whether online, or those that have a face-to-face module include more contact hours and a greater level of training than ever before.

Sound & Movement Therapy Course

We are delighted to be adding this dynamic course to our portfolio in 2021!

A Sound and Movement Therapist uses Gong, Drum and Crystal bowls to hold a space where people can explore themselves through gentle spontaneous and intuitive movement. Specific playing sequences allow participants to deepen their relationship with themselves and in doing so, gain greater understanding, facilitate release and flow on mental, emotional and physical levels.

Sound and Movement Therapy is perfect for grounding, centering and attaining a deeper understanding of ‘self’ and your relationship to the ‘other’ in your life.

Strength in difficult times

Whilst 2020 has been challenging, we are so grateful to our students, staff and all our supporters for being so patient whilst we have navigated the tricky landscape. Many of our articles and research this year has been on immune system, wellbeing and general mental health, we hope that you’ve found these beneficial.

We hope you will choose to join us in 2021 and look forward to welcoming you to BAST.


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