May 18, 2020

Our Sonic Sound Art Challenge

Due to the COVID-19 situation the theoretical parts of our professional diploma courses were held in virtual classrooms.  The Professional Diploma in Group Sound Art Therapy students were asked to create a soundscape piece and were given a piece of art as inspiration (see below). The aim of the soundscape was ‘to paint what you see using sound’. 

Soundscape Art by Jessi Lee Ross
Art Credit: Jessi Lee Ross

We divided the picture into 11 areas and each student was invited to think about how they would represent their part of the picture in sound.  They had a few hours to come up with something, record it and send it to us. 

Approximately 22 minutes of sound was then mixed into a 9 minute piece by us at our studio.  Have a listen and let us know what you think – we hope you enjoy it!  This piece is going to be submitted as part of Creativity and Wellbeing week 18th-24th May and will be available on Youtube and on Facebook for you to listen, comment and send us your thoughts.

Thank you to all our students who contributed to this piece.


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