June 30, 2020

Overcoming Anxiety Using Sound Programme on Insight Timer

Our research over the last 25 years has showed that our music and sound therapy techniques really help people with wide range of stress related conditions including chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety. With this in mind, we were thrilled when the world’s number one meditation app, Insight Timer approached Lyz recently to create a programme for their users which aimed to help people overcome anxiety using our techniques.

Lyz set to work, creating a bespoke online course that combines sound, reflection, visualisation and Consciously Designed Music (CDM) not only to help with anxiety but also related conditions such as improving mood state, getting a better night’s sleep, staying in the moment and encouraging deep relaxation. The course takes the listener on a 10 day journey of discovery with Lyz looking at how and why sound and music can be so effective at helping to improve health and wellbeing. There are some answers to ‘how and why’ sound is so effective by exploring how the brain has evolved since our early ancestors walked the earth. In addition to specifically designed sound and music pieces there are other exercises including visualisation, breathwork and self-reflection to deepen and enhance the experience. There is information on the nervous system such as how to recognise when the ‘fight, flight or freeze mode has been triggered’ and easy and quick ways to return to balance and calm are shared. The whole course is held together with the powerful self-reflective method known as the 5Rs – a technique used by all BAST Method facilitators and therapists. The 5Rs is a useful tool for helping us to navigate challenging situations and transform negative thoughts and experiences into positive ones.

As a taster to the course Lyz has provided a free 5-minute balanced breathing exercise to restore calm which is available on their website. The course only launched three days ago and this exercise has already become a staff favourite! Balanced breathing guides you through the value of both the inhale and the exhale, bringing you back to yourself and away from anxiety. This is a great exercise for centering yourself and restoring calm which can be used before any deeper meditation, sound therapy, sound bath, yoga class or to help you drop into a deep and restorative sleep. More advanced techniques are taught in the full “Overcoming Anxiety Using Sound” Course.

It has been a pleasure to work with Insight Timer to bring our sound relaxation exercises to the public.


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