August 14, 2019

Project Global Sound team up with Peace One Day

And we need you.

Project Global Sound is back! Having been established in 2011 in order to promote health, wellbeing and unity across the globe through sound, the resounding success has meant we are doing it all over again. This year has seen us couple with Peace One Day to not only promote peace but also to unite people in both therapeutic sound and music. We are inviting people far and wide to send us a one-minute sound clip (as an MP3 file) along with your name, country and a photo of yourself, all of which will be mixed with other submissions into a sonic cuddle for the world! Although the music clip submitted must be an original piece it can be of anything: a vocal piece, a singing bowl, from a gong or a drum or simply a sound of nature from wherever you live – it’s time to get creative!

All submissions must be uploaded by the 30th August 2019 – it’s super simple, just use this link and follow the instructions.

We can’t wait to hear from you all and share your music globally!


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