March 3, 2023

Sound Affects

Sound Induced Altered States of Consciousness for Improving Health and Wellbeing. The latest piece of research undertaken by Lyz Cooper shows the health benefits of altering consciousness with therapeutic sound.

A study using a specific method of sound therapy (Himalayan singing bowls, transitioning to Gongs, transitioning to crystal singing bowls, transitioning to therapeutic percussion) was delivered in two ways – by a live soundbath, where subjects lay on the floor and received around 35 minutes of sound, and by a recording of the same which was available online. The focus of this research was to answer the following questions.

1. Is live sound more or less effective than digitally recorded and delivered sound and across what domains?
2. What are the consciousness altering effects of this method and to what degree are the domains effected?
3. What are the therapeutic benefits of sound induced ASC?

Data was analysed by a test known as a Chi Square analysis to gauge significance. Statistically significant, highly significant and extremely significant data was produced in the domains of Physical Relaxation, Imagery, Ineffability, Transcendence of Time and Space, Positive Mood, Insightfulness, Disembodiment and Unity across both live and recorded studies. These findings have far-reaching implications for the use of sound therapy, specifically sound induced altered states of consciousness (ASC) going forward.


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