June 27, 2024

Turning the Volume Down

A study of the BAST Method of Sound Therapy on chronic pain.

Over the period of 2 years a study was conducted by students at The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST).  A call out for respondents was made and 120 people with chronic pain came forward. Some individuals attended 2 soundbath or gongbath sessions held 1 week apart. Others attended 4 x 1-2-1 sound therapy sessions held once a week. 

The aim of the study was to discover the overall impact of these different interventions on chronic pain. The results of the study were very encouraging. Key findings include:

  • 12% of participants were completely relieved of their chronic pain within 2 – 4 sessions.
  • 24% no longer experienced continuous pain.
  • There was an 18% reduction in individuals taking medication for baseline pain.
  • 21% had relief from uncontrolled breakthrough pain.
  • 17% had no pain at all.
  • 18% of people took no medication for breakthrough pain.
  • The number of people that found they could cope with daily tasks at home or work rose by 20%.

These findings suggest that sound therapy, particularly the methods used in the BAST study, has the potential to significantly alleviate chronic pain and improve daily functioning for sufferers. The promising outcomes indicate that further research, focusing on specific instruments and methods within sound therapy, could yield even more effective treatments for chronic pain.


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