April 29, 2020

5 top tips for using sound and music to thrive during lockdown

Feeling anxious, on edge or low is common right now. Coronavirus lockdown isn’t easy and everyone is coping differently. It’s an unprecedented time and keeping safe and well has never been so important. Uplifting your mood state can boost your immune system so we have got some tips to keep you cheerful and relaxed during this outbreak

1) Listen to the tracks of your life – create a playlist that reminds you of the best times in your life. Play it back whenever you feel down. You could even swap playlists with a loved one or family member as a challenge or gift, then talk through your joyful times together.

2) Listen to sounds and do sound exercises which are in a low pitch. Low pitches help us to relax. If you are feeling anxious, try a voice exercise in a low pitch such as singing “ahh” in a low pitch for a few minutes.

3) How to improve your mood – Sounds simple, but music with happy lyrics really helps to lift your mood. Even if you don’t feel like it, smile when you’re listening and make a ‘ha ha ha’ sound. Pretend smiling and laughing stimulates your emotional centre and helps lift mood.

4) Open your mind – During lockdown we can feel small, powerless and claustrophobic because our freedom is limited. Singing sirens can help improve mental flexibility. Start on a low pitch ‘eee’ sound and in one breath gently slide up to a high pitch, going higher as your voice warms up. Repeat as much as you want, sliding up and as you do, stretch your awareness as far as you can.

5) Use the rhythm of life – Many people are finding their sleep patterns are all over the place without a proper routine in place. If you can’t sleep, tap a ‘lub dub’ heart beat rhythm on your thigh or chest. Count to four before tapping again and continue for a few minutes. You could also try listening to one of our sleep tracks, Somnus X is available for free on Spotify or a small fee elsewhere.

The most important thing you can do right now, is remember that you are not alone. We might not all be in the exact same boat but we can still all be here for one another. Share your own tips amongst one another or write them in for us to share. Keep in touch, stay safe and keep well.


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