October 2, 2015

Sounding the Mind of God Description

Sounding the Mind of God

This is an exciting time to be alive! Advancements in science are helping to support, and add a new dimension to, thousands of years of spiritual teachings. This process is helping to increase the awareness and credibility of holistic therapies in the mainstream.

Sound therapy has its roots in ancient practices and, like many holistic therapies, is being rediscovered and further developed to apply to modern living. In this book Lyz aims to draw from the realms of science and spirituality to explain why sound can be a powerful and life-enhancing modality. She will also offer many practical exercises using a variety of different instruments and techniques to help to improve health and wellbeing and for personal transformation. If you are looking for a comprehensive book on sound therapy that helps to answer questions such as how and why sound can improve health and well-being, as well as providing lots of exercises to help you to feel the benefits of sound in a few short moments, then this book is for you! Lyz takes time to pull together research and ideas to help demystify this ancient practice and explain why sound is so effective for a wide range of different symptoms as well as maintaining your health.

Sounding the Mind of God has been referred to by sound healing pioneer, author and musician James D’Angelo as ‘the Bible for the sound therapists of the future’ and by the ‘godfather of healing sound, Jonathan Goldman as ‘extensive and excellent’. It contains a wealth of exercises for personal development and different threads of research and ideas that can be followed should the reader wish to delve more deeply into quantum physics, music psychology, ethnomusicology, energy medicine or any other subject touched on in this book. Part 1 introduces the reader to the world of therapeutic sound and contains much of the foundation of the work, laying the foundations for the adventure that Lyz takes the reader on giving exercises to identify energy imbalances in the system and enable alignment to take place. Part 2 – is designed to be a work-book which is packed full of different exercises that you can do to feel the benefit of sound working in the system. If you are stressed out, try the ‘sonic hot chocolate’ exercise or if you need a quick pick me up try ‘sonic caffeine’. This book is not only informative, it is a journey of self-discovery through all things sound!

As a result of working with the exercises in this book you may find that your life transforms in the most wonderful ways. This may seem like a bold statement but many people working with these techniques have experienced relief from long-term and sometimes chronic symptoms. Like many other holistic therapies, sound therapy has been forgotten or side-lined in many cultures but there is a buzz out there. It is the sound of this wonderful, powerful and effective therapy being remembered, and it is incredibly exciting! If you do not wish to embrace change in your life which is ultimately for the better then don’t read this book!


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