May 4, 2019

What is voice arts therapy?

There is an increasing amount of research that shows the benefits of arts-based activities on health and wellbeing. With social prescribing being a hot topic within the NHS there has never been a better time to work within the arts in health field.

At BAST we have been working with sound and voice as a therapeutic art-form within our Group Sound and Group Voice courses for 10 years but in 2019 we launched a dedicated Arts for Health and Wellbeing course – The Professional Diploma in Group Sound Arts Therapy and The Professional Diploma in Group Voice Arts Therapy. In 2022 we merged these courses into one in order to offer even more diverse options to everyone on an arts therapy based course with us. Both methods are at the cutting edge of the arts for health and wellbeing field.

Although the techniques are simple, the thousands of case studies we have done over the years have shown that voice exercises can have a profound positive effect on health and wellbeing.

Our voice is the essence of us – it is the instrument through which we convey emotion, express ourselves and connect with others. A Voice Arts Therapist helps facilitate the exploration of the self through arts-based voice activities. Some of the activities could be used for general enjoyment and others to enable communication, creativity, and expression. The Voice Arts can be used to prevent isolation, enhance community, improve mental health, elevate mood state, share something beautiful, build relationships, increase relaxation, exercise the mind – the list is endless!

During your course we will be building a tool-kit of interventions that can be used more or less deeply, depending on your intention for the group you are working with. As well as using the voice we will also use a reflective framework to be able to contain and explore our experience in a safe, effective and positive way.

What is voice arts therapy?

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